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20+ Years of Growth and Success

From our humble beginnings in 1994 as Dong Hae Industries, Dong Hae has grown global electrical hardware provider and offers a comprehensive material to our customers on time and high quality.
Our success is largely due to our founding core values.
We put people first, we share an unyielding commitment to environmental and safety, and we are accountable to our clients, coworkers, community and the environment.

Timeline is below.

Dong Hae has expended a double of manufacturing capacity in relocation of it’s factory located at Chungla International Industrial Park in Incheon, South Korea and has reached as a global electrical hardware provider up to EHV of 500KV system.

Dong Hae Industries was established R & D Center.
The R & D center has initiated to research EHV up to 500KV hardware fittings and accessories.

Dong Hae Industries opens new business sector to electrical design and build contractor in power station and substation fields.
Since the year of 2010, Dong Hae has organized two major business divisions of manufacturing and construction firms in parallel.
It was reached the year of initiation of Dong Hae Engineering substantially.

The company was invested dramatically it’s business as a complex supplier of electrical hardware industry and has launched one of the most respected suppliers.

The company was originally found as Dong Hae Industries.
The company was operated of only production of earthing materials for substation.